Every brand is different but not every brand knows how to stand out from their competition. I am here to help you identify your ideal target audience so that you can begin to make consistant sales and reach new heights within your business. My goal is to help bring your personal touch into your brand while not losing the creative direction that your brand needs.

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Meet The Designer

To be honest, when I started this business, I had already been doing graphics for people for a while. I restarted doing graphics back in 2019 but I orginally started when I was 12 in ’05! I am 100% self taught and that is what makes me love this even more. Seeing how much I’ve grown when it comes to designing is what keeps me going. I love seeing my clients excited when I present their finished work to them. Everyone is doing graphic design but no one is standing out. Everyone is playing off of the same websites, flyers etc. Where is the creaivity? Graphic design is an art and I take pride in making sure my work screams creativity. I recently decided to upgrade my business to do Brand Identity Development and Websites. I want to give businesses a chance to really find their image and attract their target audience. That’s my main focal point when it comes to Studio Brooklyn Elite.

Burn by Brae
Off The Wall Selfies
KT Auto Detailing
Glamorous Rituals

Full Branding + More

Brand Identity Development

Logo Development

Each logo development suite comes with 3 logo styles. Your primary style will be the main logo that you use across your brand. You will also get your alternative/secondary style and your submarked logo. These all play a vital role in different parts of your business.

  • 2-3 Logo Concepts
  • 3 Logo Variations
  • Logo Mark
  • Pattern
  • Brand Board

Creative Direction

We will construct a creative process that aids in the direction of your brands identity. This is vital to be able to pin point your vision for your brand and tie it into the overall concept that I present. This will include:

  • Pinterest Boards
  • Mood Board
  • Brand Concepts
  • Onboarding Call

Package + Label Design

Custom packaging helps your brand stand out from others. I will design custom labeling and packaging to fit your branding. These will include:

  • Polymailer
  • Boxes
  • Bags
  • Jars
  • Bottles
  • + More

Social Media Content Direction

People tend to forget that your social media content matters just as much as your branding itself. These go hand in hand. You must have content that resignates and speaks to your ideal audience. Some of what will be included is:

  • Content Post
  • Highlights
  • Bio + Icon
  • Photoshoot Direction
  • Video Direction
  • + More