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Do you design stand-alone logos?

I have a package that is designed for those only needing logos. This is the Elite Suite.

It includes more than just a stand-alone logo. It includes 3 logo styles, a logo mark, a pattern and a thank you card design.

Though this package exists, I always suggest getting a full branding package due to branding being far more than just a logo.

Can I just purchase a design that's already completed?

My work is always 100% custom made. I am not a pre-made designer.

Your design will never look like anothers. I carefully construct all designs and make sure they are in line with your target audience.

Can I get my branding or website by this week?


My designs come with a lot of content. It's not a simple design and I put a lot of work into completing them, which takes times.

You are able to pay a rush fee and this will have your work pushed to the top of my work list.


$25 for flyers and business cards.

Same day: 2x service price.

25% of your service cost for branding/website packages and all other services.

This usually cuts your completion time in half or deducts about a week from the completion time.

I don't like it. Can I get a refund?

My biggest concern is to always make sure that my clients are happy and satisfied with their work.

I put in a lot of time and research into each design and this is something that I cannot get back.

Since my work is 100% custom, I am unabe to offer a refund for services completed, paid for, or started.

Once a service has been purchased, no refund is allowed. I will do everything within my power to make sure the design is to your liking.

Please see other designs to see the type of work that I complete.