Store Policies


You are allowed 2 revision for all designs. Once completed and sent for review, you will have 24 hours to reply or the design work is considered approved and final. No revisions will be allowed thereafter. Each additional revision will be subject to a revision fee and you will be allotted the one revision only. Please allow us the original design time frame to complete the design. Time frames are subject to change depending on complexity and order volume. Please read all policies and terms before purchasing. All designs will be used for advertisement purposes. We own the rights to use all designs for this purpose. None of your designs or information will be resold or used in any negative way. If you do not wish to have your designed used for advertisement purposes, please do not book us for your design work or you can pay 3x design price for full design rights.


If you have paid a deposit and the design has been completed but we are yet to get what is needed from you (such as, files to upload to website etc.) you will have 2 days for send over any needed information. If payment is not received within a week of reaching out, the design will be considered forfeited and will not be subject to a refund. You have 1 week after the design work is final to pay your final payment. Please work accordingly with us to ensure that this process is smooth and effortless. If payment is sent, we are able to wait an additional 2 weeks for you to submit your needed items or we will have to terminate the project. Since the work is already completed, there will be no refund and all sales will be final. The payment made will be non refundable and used as payment for the work already completed. You will not receive this completed work until the final payment is made. It will be up to you to complete your project and upload/update anything needed. We will no longer be responsible for your design completion. Thank you for your cooperation.



Cancellations are not allowed once orders are submitted. We sometimes start these projects immedietely once payment is received. Be sure that you have looked over previous design work & service descriptions before submitting your order.



If an item is returned to us for any reason, you are responsible for paying the current shipping fee to receive item back. Item will not be re-shipped until payment is received. You are not able to cancel an item that has been returned to us for an error caused by you (Insufficient address, Unable to be delivered etc). Please ensure that you have entered your full and correct address before completing your purchase. 

We are NOT responsible for items once they are shipped. Shipping can be 4-5 days. All items are insured and should be taken up with the shipping company. Shipping charges are never refundable, no matter the situation. If an item was shipped, shipping will be deducted for any store credit/refunds issued.

We ship every Tuesday & Friday. Rush Service orders will ship any day of the week to provide you with speedy service. 



If you choose pickup at checkout and are unable to complete the pickup process, you will need to pay shipping before item can be shipped out. Orders selected as pickup cannot be canceled due to shipping fees or any other reason. Please pay shipping so we can get the item to you in a timely manner.



Any giveaway items will be up to you to pay the shipping fees. We provide any services and we will not ship any items until the shipping payment of current shipping rates have been received. 



Overseas shipping or shipping that is unable to be made is not eligible for refund of services. We will only refund shipping cost & printing cost in this case and items will still be sent digitally. If product is still wanted, you will be required to pay the additional shipping cost.


Shipping is 4-5 business days after the processing takes place. Processing can be up to 12+ weeks depending on the service purchased (unless previously told of shorter or longer time frames).



Please allow us any additional time to finish your purchased service. We value you as a client and will do everything within reason to make sure you are satisfied.



Unfortunately, we do not offer returns, exchanges or refunds at this time, unless it is an error on our part. Please ensure that all purchases are to your satisfaction before placing your order. Remember,  we take our time to design and we put effort into designing your services. We value our time as well as yours. If you are not satisfied, we will do everything within reason to better assist you in providing excellent service. We provide detailed descriptions of all designs on our site.


Store credit is always considered!


*Please note: If your service is not updated within 12 weeks (unless previously told of longer time frame) and you have not received any drafts of your selected service, you will receive a full refund. If drafts and updates have been received, you will receive a half refund after this time. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing of refund. Once sent, it depends on your bank how long it will take for refund to process.




Flyers: 2-5 days
Websites: 2-4 weeks
Full Branding (including logos): 4-6 weeks

Unless otherwise discussed!



Flyers/BC: $25 for 1-2 days

Websites: 25% of total for one week off total time.

Full Branding (including logos): 25% of total for 1-2 weeks off of total time.


These are business days! Weekends are NOT included in these timeframes. Please do not rush the process. Plan accordingly for projects that have a deadline. I will not rush the process to fit your timeframe unless a rush fee has been paid upfront. I plan according to each client. If we allowed you add the rush fee after, there is no guarantee of it being complete on time!

Everything is custom made and not cookie cutter/premade. These designs do take time.

Process includes consulting, drafting/sketching, designing, revisions (if applicable), etc.

It's not a simply copy, paste & done.

Logos are designed in Ai & are not just the plain font put together. I manipulate the fonts and change how they look. I draw any logo marks. I build everything from scratch.

Websites have coding and design involved. Not just templates provided by the website host.

Please be patient but do not hesitate to ask questions!



We are NOT responsible for items once they are shipped. Shipping can be 4-5 days. All items are insured and should be taken up with the shipping company. Shipping charges are never refundable, no matter the situation. If an item was shipped with free shipping, shipping will be deducted for any store credit/refunds issued.


Store credit is always considered depending on the situation.


If you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to contact us at anytime during normal business hours.


Studio Brooklyn Elite Contact Hours:

M-F: 12am-9pm

Sat: Appointments Only



Studio Brooklyn Elite Design Business Hours:

M-F: 12-8pm


Any contact outside of these hours do not guarantee a response. Work/revisions will not be made outside of these times unless previously discussed. Please allow us enough time to get your projects complete. Read over out store policies fully before contacting us as this may answer your questions and shorten your response time.


Email us at


Messages to any personal pages may not be responded to and is solely up to the designer.